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    Around 2010, my husband Jay and I decided that it would be a good idea to look into using our alpaca fiber from our herd and make pillows.  He was calling them "paca pillows" at the time, and our hope is to continue adding products to our line such as mattress pads, and children's "my paca pillows"  as a safe alternative to the toxic merchandise that is being sold today.  While doing research in 2012 to get our line off the ground, I spent countless hours and days researching for 100% US made, organic products.  What I found was a few small businesses holding on to their values against a multitude of foreign imports.  Like them, I refused to give in and use what was simply available for the lowest cost to make my products. 

These companies and I complimented each others' talents in various ways, but joined together with our undying motivation to save families from the harmful chemicals that are literally killing us and are affecting our children's health.  We need to get back to natural products and we need to support those companies who are doing so.  The toxins found in our homes from product manufacturers are poisoning us, causing health issues in our children with the amount of toxic chemicals they use, and "people are dying in fires from the toxic fumes before firemen can get in to save them."  My story is similarly driven.  My son is a fireman, and my father died from cancer after being in a horrific fire that filled him so full of harmful toxins I barely recognized his bloated body in the hospital.  He didn't die that night, but his fiancee' did, and within five short years he developed cancer, living only 6 months after being diagnosed.  The harmful toxins in his house had burrowed into his liver and slowly poisoned him to death. 

As a mom, I was driven to do something about it.  My husband and I have been alpaca farmers since 2003, and knew the qualities of alpaca; it is naturally fire resistant, so it eliminated the use of toxic fire retardants, it is better than cashmere, it has a semi-hollow shaft so it wicks away, and is mite resistant and lanolin free, which makes it hypoallergenic.  The best plus to all of this however, our pillows are made in the USA, by American workers, using American Organic Cotton and American Alpaca!  As my husband and I know, while American Alpaca farmers need to keep building our herds to bring textile plants back to the USA, every product we are making is supporting our local farmers, and creating a healthier home for families. 

   " I couldn't dream up a more tranquil environment than raising 
    alpacas.  It has brought such joy to our family, and a profitable 
    lifestyle.  When my husband and I started this journey it was to  
   save families from the toxic products in their pillows, our 
   passion for alpaca and healthy products allowed us to help other
   small businesses who shared some of those same ideologies, 
   and we knew we were on the right track.  God has guided our 
   path, and our passion remains in bringing back sustainable 
   healthy living through family farming practices and products 
   made  in the USA." 

- Robbin 
  USAlpaca Company
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We specialize in breeding and raising some of the most sought-after alpaca bloodlines in the nation.  If you would like to book a farm visit give us a call.  Alpacas are a sound investment, fully insurable, with a high demand end-product in their fiber.  For more Alpaca information email us: 

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    Pillows shown darker: sateen natural organic, nursing pillow,  white             All-natural, soft, luxurious Alpaca fiber Filling!              

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                    ( photo of Caligula Grandson, Royal Fawn Grandson)

The toxins found in our homes from product manufacturers are poisoning us, causing health issues in our children with the amount of toxic chemicals they use, and "people are dying in fires from the toxic fumes before firemen can get in to save them."  
     The Alpaca Industry is bringing the Textile Industry,
      and the Family Farm- 
          Back to America!
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"Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness."
    Letter from Thomas Jefferson to George Washington (1787)
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