Travel or Spa Pillow:  Half the size of a standard pillow  $69

Standard Pillow                    

Size: 20" x 26"                                       $169

SL= standard Light Fill 2.5lbs. 
       best use for younger children or flatter, softer pillow 
SM=  Med. Fill  3.lbs best for adults and older children
SF =  Full Fill   3.5 lbs. lofty, firmer, for elevated
            Note:  Full Fill in any size is best for those who snore!

Queen Size Pillow
Size: 20" x "30                                       $179

QL= Queen Light Fill 3 lbs.
QM= Med. Fill  3.5 lbs        
QF= Full Fill 4lbs. 

King Size Pillow                                    $199
Size: 20" x 36"

KL = King Light Fill 3.5 lbs. 
KM = Med. Fill  4 lbs.
KF = Full Fill 4.5 lbs

Special King Medium Fill SET             $378 includes 2 pillows

    Rejuvenation Pillows, Nursing Pillows, Healthy Pillows!  
      Filled with all-natural alpaca fiber, no sheep wool, no foam!
Shouldn't you know what you're sleeping on?  Order today!
Yes. Spend your sleeping time in peace of mind.  Rid harmful chemicals from the air you breathe while sleeping on a natural Alpaca Pillow.
Order your Alpaca Pillow today
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Please contact us for details before you return ship a product.  Call 855-518-5554 or 540-719-0281 

           Why Our Organic Cotton Barrier Fabric: Hotels, Inns, or Those with severe allergies!

It's been all over the news the past few years; we're in the midst of a bed bug epidemic. Calls to exterminators for bed bugs have increased over 80% in the past 10 years.XXI And it's no wonder.

Bed bugs have adapted a protective mechanism that enables them to resist chemical pesticides but not GMD.

According to an Ohio State University study, bedbugs are now genetically resistant to chemical pesticides.XXII Over time, they have developed a mechanism that protects their nerve cells from chemical pesticides by enabling them to break down toxins.

If you're unlucky enough to pick some up in a hotel room (even luxury hotels are just as susceptible as cheap motels) and bring them home with you, getting rid of them can be extremely difficult. One female bed bug produces up to 400 offspring in her lifetime. The insecticide of choice is usually permethrinXXIII – a suspected carcinogen that's also linked to ADHD. Do you really want to be rolling around in this stuff while you sleep? 

Using our Barrier Alpaca Pillows can eliminate that risk in pillows.  This tightly woven fabric does not allow anything to get in or out!  All organic cotton without any chemicals added, and alpaca fiber fill. It just works naturally!  





Colors & Patterns are      100% Cotton and not available in the Organic