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2014 Show

  Coming straight off the runway from D.C. Fashion Week, the new Peruvian designer Vari, who will be working exclusively with Robbin Martinelli on her new upcoming fashion line of Alpaca Apparel (Robbin is the owner of USAlpaca Company) will be showing some of her items at the upcoming Peruvian Links Fashion & Jewelry Show, March 15th at the Westlake Country Club Ballroom. Participants will be able to view and purchase these items as well as meet this young and innovative rising star from Peru who is winning high accolades. 

Cleaning and Care of Alpaca Garments: 

​Since alpaca resists staining and moisture you do not need to overly clean your products. When you do, here is the recommendation. 

A cool handwash (30º) with a mild detergent such as baby shampoo is recommended. Wash for no more than 5 minutes. Rinse in lukewarm water, always pressing, not wringing the fabric. Wrap the item in a clean dry towel to absorb excess moisture. Reshape as necessary and lay flat to dry. Do not hang your wet alpaca garment as it will stretch.

While it is possible to machine wash some of our alpaca garments on a 30º cool handwash cycle (i.e. a cycle which does not run for more than ¾ hours!), we cannot guarantee the result, because the make and condition of different washing machines varies too much! However, if you do wish to use this method for some of our smaller and less delicate items, use a mild detergent. Turn the product inside out, fold it neatly and place in a small gauze laundry bag to avoid the item getting stretched and losing its shape. On no account should you use a Tumble Drier, as this will definitely shrink the product.

For very stubborn stains, please take your item to a professional dry cleaner.

We recommend that all our alpaca products are folded or rolled, rather than hung to prevent stretching.
7th Annual Alpaca Fashion & Jewelry Show!
                                       Tickets are on sale now!

Date: March 24th 2018
Where: Westlake Country Club, Hardy, VA 24101
Time: 12-4 
This year we launch some of the new line! 
                                                        Best Prices of the Year-1 Day Only

                  6th Annual Alpaca Fashion & Jewelry Show
                                    March 24th 2018
                      USAlpaca Company