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"I had never really heard about alpaca before, and I had no idea that the fiber was so soft, and isn't prickly or itchy like wool, but I was sold on its fire resistant and natural properties.   I am passionate about my alpaca pillows, and have one for my husband.  It has even stopped his snoring!"       
  - Mary  

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I ordered a Medium bed pillow and the very cute Reversible Fiesta hat, which I received a few weeks ago. The pillow was for my son, who has had allergies and has always complained about his pillow (stays too hot, too “squishy”, too everything!) I just wanted to tell you that he is 10 years old, and is back to sleeping like a baby. He loves his new pillow, has ZERO complaints about it, and wakes up sniffle-free. I love my new hat, too! Your products are clearly made with care.

Thank you, and continued good luck with the business.  
Lexington, MA

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Your pillow arrived today.
It feels fantastic! 

Cary Lee
LOVE my pillows!!!
Thank You! - Patti

SML alpaca producer honored as top entrepreneur - Smith Mountain Eagle: Society
SML alpaca producer honored as top entrepreneur

By REBECCA JACKSON Smith Mountain Eagle | Posted: Tuesday, March 26, 2013 2:55 pm

“If you can change only one thing in your home, change your pillow to a natural filled one.”—Robbin Martinelli, owner U.S. Alpaca Company and Smith Mountain Lake Farm Alpacas, businesswoman honored by Marketplace by TheBlaze during Women’s History Month.

Before launching her new business, Robbin Martinelli was a professor at the University of Connecticut and the University of Hartford. While running her local Alpaca farm, she realized there might be a market for the soft Alpaca that didn’t make its way into blankets by creating luxury pillows. “I began my research into what the pillow and mattress companies were selling to the public,” Robbin said, “and I became driven at that point. It became my mission to educate as many people as I could about the dangerous pillows they and their children were sleeping on.”

There are many questions about the toxic chemicals used in the bedding industry along with toxic flame retardants that are affecting people’s health, and Robbin knew she had a solution to a totally unnecessary problem. “If you can change only one thing in your home, change your pillow to a natural filled one so your body doesn’t need to fight the toxic chemicals that you are breathing in every single night.” Through US Alpaca, Robbin is contributing to her community, her industry, and the health and safety of the American entrepreneur. “I have the farm, raise Alpacas and now make the product, sell the product, and give tours at my farm about it all, including the importance of Alpaca in the textile industry. Alpaca is bringing back the textile business to the U.S.A. and it is bringing back the family farm. Everyone loves the Alpaca’s gentle nature, and it goes hand-in-hand with sleeping on a naturally healthy product made out of it.” Alpaca is considered the “Green Livestock” and the “Royal Fleece.”

“We have a handful of small businesses that we work with to get our products made,” she said, “but we are actually benefiting all of the Alpaca farms who contribute to us, those who sort, wash and process the fiber, those who make the fabric we use, and those who sew and stuff the pillows for us. Our small business is actually helping hundreds of others make an income under my one big umbrella.”

In early March, Martinelli orchestrates a fashion show of stunningly beautiful Alpaca fiber attire and Pendleton blankets at the Westlake Country Club, with $500 in proceeds benefiting Lake Christian Ministries. Martinelli offers Alpaca attire, pillows and other items created from Alpaca fiber at her farm store.

“We’re always bringing in new products,” she said.

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Last summer, my husband and I, with two of our granddaughters, had the great priviledge of meeting Robbin and Jay, experiencing the joy of seeing their Alpacas, and subsequently purchasing an Alpaca pillow. I've loved my pillow ever since!!! I look forward each night to putting my head on my Alpaca pillow.....because: it feels so good and reminds me of the wonderful folks who have pioneered this product. I highly recommend it to any and all. You won't know unless you find out what a blessing it is to rest your head on an Alpaca pillow. Try'll love it!!!
Ann A. 
Robbin Martinelli has been recognized nationally, and an  affiliate of notice in continuing her efforts and acomplishments.
Member of AOBA, VAOBA, SML Chamber of Commerce, ARI. 
Member of the NAPfor excellence and integrity in business. 
Toxic-Free Alpaca Pillows for a Good Night's Sleep
by Debra Lynn Dadd
on Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My guest Robbin Martinelli the Founder and Owner of USAlpaca Company, which specializes in Alpaca breeding and exquisite Alpaca Fashions, Alpaca Pillows and Pendleton Alpaca Blankets made in America. A former Professor of English Literature and Creative Writing, Robbin's life now revolves around the agriculture of breeding fine and rare alpacas. At her farm in Virginia, she gives educational interactive tours and follows her passion of creating new American-made alpaca products. Her mission is to provide the consumer with luxuriously healthy products made from all-natural alpaca, called the Royal Fleece, and the Green Livestock. We'll talk about toxic chemicals in pillows, Robbin's alpaca sleep pillows (I have one and I'll tell you all about it!) and why she loves alpaca as a toxic-free material.
We really enjoyed our visit to your farm this past weekend.  
The two pillows we bought are AWESOME! - Johnathan

Your company represents the finest example of integrity in business that I have ever encountered.
Thank you again.-Linda B