About Toxic Pet Pillows
Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs):
PBDEs are industrial toxic chemicals that have been used for over 30 years as flame-retardants. Although PBDEs are being phased out, many are still used in North America.

Risks: A growing body of research in laboratory animals has linked PBDE exposure to an array of adverse health effects including thyroid hormone disruption, permanent learning and memory impairment, behavioral changes, hearing deficits, delayed puberty onset, decreased sperm count, fetal malformations and, possibly, cancer.

Sources: Some furniture and furniture cushions, drapes, mattresses, pillows, 
pet beds, carpet and carpet padding, and household electronics and appliances.

How to minimize exposure:
• Avoid flame retardant children’s clothing and sleepwear.
• When purchasing new furnishings and bedding, choose wool, Alpaca fiber or cotton   fill over polyester and foam products.
• Increase fruits and veggies and reduce animal fats.
• Reduce dust levels by using damp cleaning methods.

Alpaca Fiber is a natural, hypoallergenic fiber that is the best use for pet beds!  It has normal properties that keep the pet's body cool and warm because of its hollow shaft system, which works like an insulator.  And, because alpaca fiber is naturally fire retardant there is NO need for these toxic PBDE flame retardant chemicals.  Keep Toxic Pet Beds OUT of your home!
"Our all-natural alpaca-filled pet beds are the best choice for your pets and your family.  Traditional pet beds are filled with chemicals.  They are made with toxic polyfil called polystyrene, and then saturated with more toxic fire retardants.  Not only does this cause health problems for your pets, it affects everyone in that home environment."

- Robbin Martinell
 (researcher, owner & founder of USAlpaca Company)
Change to a healthy environment and rid toxic pet pillows at once!
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You are responsible for the safest and healthiest home environment for your family and your pets.  Our All-natural, healthy Alpaca-filled pillows are the right choice!
YOU can begin changing the toxic gasses that are filling your home, and creating health issues for you, and your pets. WE CARE!

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